Bill Gates the New Columbus

I’ll be working on part II of #Covid 911 which will be part of my upcoming book on 9/11. In the meantime I recommend David Icke’s new book The Answer and the previous one about 9/11 entitled The Trigger.

Information that Alex Jones (another one of those awful “conspiracy theorists” like myself) that he says he must have pulled out the ether somewhere unlike the corporate media that seems to pull it out of their ass and has got to be the ultimate pot accusing us kettles when they have gone on and on and on about some vast Russian Conspiracy conducted by obscure Boris and Natashas trolls and bots that seem to have magically materialized on Social Media and wrecked dear Hillary Clinton’s chances of gaining the presidency and from there becoming Empress of the world or at least that seemed to be her objective according to her emails released through Wikileaks.

Megalomania and hubris seems to know no bounds for these people. Take Bill Gates. Please! The geek that wants to vaccinate the world with some deadly vaccine that he himself estimates may kill and/or maim at least 700,000 people which is probably a conservative estimate for a “deadly” virus that by itself hasn’t been proven to have killed anyone unless they’ve had underlying comorbidities or some preexisting condition.

If one was actually into actual conspiracies instead of the those made up by the media who claim the Russians are coming and commissions claiming that 19 hijackers were able to accomplish with three passenger planes more damage than several tactical nukes then one could ask who is behind Gates’ rise from purveyor of crappy Windoze software which is rife with virtual viruses to Medical expert on the efficaciousness of vaccines especially since he can’t seem to successfully immunize his own computer operating system.

The guy reminds me of a more malicious and malevolent version of the character Alladice Merryweather in Little Big Man. Just another quack who should have been tar and feathered long ago then run out on a rail but instead is listened to with hushed silence like the sheep people like Merryweather regularly used to fleece with his traveling medicine shows back in the nineteenth century. The same one that gave Rockefeller his nest egg which he used to dominate and monopolize petroleum and who’s son would later use to take control of medicine through his tax free foundations.

Like JD, Bill is an unabashed Eugenist who wants to depopulate the world while the latter is claiming to “save” humanity with vaccines that in most cases seemed to have done more harm than good. Both in fact were and are Genocidal Maniacs posing as “philanthropists” the former who educated Hitler on how to commit mass genocide.

This is real history folks not some fantasy to score political points like 1619 which ludicrously claims slavery started in America in that year. Of course if we study the actual history we find that genocide isn’t a new thing either when we look at what happened to the Indigenous population of the Americas that at one time exceeded 100, 000,000 according to anthropologists prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus which is whom Dr. Vandana Shiva compares Bill Gates to and not exactly in a good way.

The good Doctor an Indian from India holds the same view held by American Indians that Columbus was basically a thief and murderer who falsely claimed “discovery” of the Americas named after Amerigo Vespucci an Italian cartographer who thought the Amazon would take him to Asia.

So not only were they lacking any moral compass but had no idea that two vast continents lay in their way to their access to the Silk Road which they believed they could circumnavigate directly by sea.

Another story for another time but what followed after the “discovery” were efforts to “save” the Indigenous population remaining after the great plagues that came with these “great” explorers that had almost wiped them out followed by genocidal actions under the shadow of the cross supported by the Church in Rome considered the establishment at the time much in the same manner of Bill Gates’ vaccines which according to documents has been said to been used to sterilize vast numbers of the Third World population and have created their own vaccine epidemics of diseases that had almost been eradicated through proper sanitation and greater access to potable water such as polio.

Of course if anyone studied Gates’ linage one will find Bill’s father was a big supporter of the Rockefeller’s eugenics program promoted by the inveterate racist Margarette Sanger to sterilize blacks, poor whites and what she considered inferior races and cultures that she felt had no right to reproduce.

If that isn’t enough of an indictment against Vaccine Bill’s actual intentions then there is the fact that he along with other elitists want to reduce the population to 100,000 according to his personal friend Ted Turner. The man responsible for the Stonehenge like obelisk known as the Georgia Guides positioned just a few miles from his former headquarters of the Cable News Network who went on to become the Emperor of a vast Media Empire that includes Henry Luce’s Time Life Magazine which at one time was a big fan of Adolph Hitler.

A hundred million was believed to be the size of the Indigenous population prior to the European invasion of the “New World”.

Yet if that isn’t enough one should consider the fact that Bill Gates was seen in the company of the late Jeffery Epstein and his paramour Gisela Maxwell both notorious pimps for child prostitution and suspected of being involved in Moloch like sacrifices of those innocents.

Anyone who believes that Bill Gates and his Satanic cross wearing wife Melinda intentions are purely philanthropic will probably believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and that burning jet fuel can bring down tall steel metal structures.

Those of us cynical as they call us “conspiracy theorists” don’t . Nor do we believe that the “deadly” Covid 19 is all that deadly and the face mask to prevent access of a small particle known as a “virus” that can only be viewed under an electron microscope and thus is even less effective than say a tin foil hat in preventing radio waves from penetrating the cerebral cortex.

In fact the face mask can be considered the new tin foil hat.

So who really are the “conspiracy theorists”?

#Covid 911 Part I


Probably one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American public is “9/11” short for the terrorist attacks carried out September 11th 2001 involving a fiction fantasy many have called the “Official Conspiracy Theory” that nineteen hijackers hijacked four commercial aircraft and crashed three of them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the Pentagon respectively while the fourth was seized from the hijackers by several passengers under the battle cry “Let’s Roll” impossibly transmitted over a cell phone before crashing into an empty field in Pennsylvania.

Basically a fairy tale or more accurately a malicious fantasy used to convince the American public that America must join the Crusade against the benighted Saracen. More historical details to follow in subsequent articles but the purpose of this article is to expose the fact that like “9/11”, #Covid 911 is a psyop short for psychological operation.

According to legend the “deadly” virus which by itself has not been proven to have killed anyone who didn’t have co-morbidity factors or some preexisting illness like for example pneumonia was released upon the world by a diner who ingested bat soup at a wet market in Wuhan China. Of course the question isn’t asked how they had managed to purchase such a delicacy at a fish market but then that would ruin the story since Covid 19 is considered a Zoonotic virus allegedly transmitted by bats.

Right there any inquiring media should have questioned the veracity of the narrative being projected but it seems there is no such thing these days if it violates what is called the “Official Story” and thus relegated to “Conspiracy Theory” and like much of society these days is “quarantined” to the furthest reaches of the Internet just as any information that conflicts with the Government’s own “Conspiracy Theory” about 9/11.

Quarantining Truth and Spreading Viral Lies

Much like what is called “9/11” the truth about Covid 19 has been pretty much quarantined from the “web” that most people who are not technically adept are familiar with, which instead of becoming the ‘information superhighway” as promised by those funded by American tax dollars, such as Google, Facebook FKA Lifelog, Twitter, Amazon etc through CIA cutouts like In-Q-Tel has really become a footpath to tyranny where the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights the US Constitution and Articles 18,19 and 20 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights seem to no longer exist.

This we are told by these arrogant and hubristic “masters of cyberspace” is because they are “private” entities. A laughable assertion since much of their funding especially in the beginning came from tax payers which includes the infrastructure of the Internet FKA ARPAnet a Government agency NKA as DARPA meaning they are basically public utilities like the phone service.

They counter this by saying they don’t charge for their “service” which we all know is a lie aside from the fact that most of those who access it pay a subscription to an ISP to access their site and that their “service” isn’t really free since they make money on advertising and selling their users information to other corporations and government agencies.

Thus the person subscribing to their so called service is giving up one of the most priceless commodities they have and that is their privacy.

Some feel this is a small price to pay for access to an audience that numbers in the billions. Not only that but they are given the opportunity they are told to monetize their site, blog or page that is until its arbitrary rulers arbitrary decide retroactively that what they are posting somehow “violates community standards” which seem to change at the whim of the internet monopolists like the queen in Alice in Wonderland.

Thus one finds that they can be demonetized or quarantined or even exiled if one doesn’t support the officially proscribed narrative about 9/11 or Covid 911 while they are allowed to spread a virus of lies much like the Church back in the Middle Ages belief that the Earth was the center of the Universe and more importantly and insidiously that any part of the planet that wasn’t controlled by Christianity was considered Terra Nullius.

I won’t go into any detail on how the latter led to world wide genocide especially in the Americas and would lead to Social Darwinism and later Nazism both bolstered by the fake “science” of Eugenics or more accurately pseudo-science in general that seems have replaced Christianity as a religion manifested in the belief in the holy face mask which like some religious relic is supposed to offer protection from the evil Covid virus even though it seems this canon violates actual science much like flimsy aluminum aircraft being able to penetrate hardened steel superstructures and cause their collapse with a nominal amount of burning jet fuel in relation to actual volume density and the volumetric displacement of those buildings in question that is aside from the fact that no tall steel buildings ever in history has ever collapsed due to fire and yet the alleged terrorists involved managed to score a magical trifecta using only two planes which has somehow been accepted as scientific “fact” by the mainstream just as locking healthy people in their homes and forcing them to wear a cumbersome face mask when they dare venture outside has.

Lies, lies, lies that have been promoted as “authoritative” “science” and anyone who questions this religious dogma propagated by its cardinals are accused of being heretics and banished from the internet by what seems to be the new vatican in Silicon or as I call it Silly Con Valley led by Pope Pious Gates.

More Parallels Between #Covid 911 and 911

Much of this will covered in my upcoming book but like infamous Building Seven there has been an obvious controlled demolition of the economy. Clues at the scene of the crime went beyond short selling or placing put options specifically on United and American Airlines stock prior to the terrorist attack but also include calling and buying pharmaceutical stock which was surging before the various lock downs shutting down “non-essential” services such as touristy, hotels, restaurants and various industries for which there was a sudden fire sale by various investment houses.

Something that went beyond the few “unfortunately, lucky investors” according to the 9/11 Commission but represented one of the largest transfers of wealth in modern history that even went beyond the feeding frenzy that occurred during the financial meltdown of 2008 when banks that were considered “too big to fail” were financed by tax payer dollars while they foreclosed on many homeowners.

A transfer of wealth very similar to what occurred in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century known as the “Gilded Age” when various Robber Barons consolidated their industries forcing smaller competitors out of the market by establishing various trusts. The only difference is that the Government seems to be colluding in this consolidation which is leading America down the road toward Fascism.

Fascism by Any Other Name

According to Benito Mussolini “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”. Someone who would a thing or two about it as we move inexorably toward a Global Fascist State ruled by a few corporations and Government’s who do their bidding under this Scamdemic which in reality isn’t any worse than a seasonal flue yet thanks to the scare heading by the corporate media has been made to seem like some viral Armageddon similar to the “virgin soil” epidemics that raged through the Americas after the arrival of Columbus and his cohorts or the Bubonic Plagues of Europe.

Speaking of the latter it seems the approach being used is much the same used during the Middle Ages which is locking everybody indoors while those few who ventured out wore masks while “social distancing” fearing that any contact with another human might bring about the terrible black death.

The only difference is that people actually died in great numbers from it. In other words they didn’t have to pad the numbers with people who died from other causes like sky diving accidents, car and motorcycle crashes nor getting hit by a bus yet the corporate media would have most people believing otherwise in order to promote a vaccine that allegedly will save us all.

No mention of course that the Pharmaceutical Industry has become the biggest lobbyist in Washington and finances media companies to the tune of almost eighty percent of their revenue. Think about it. Why else would they promote an expensive vaccine as opposed to more workable but cheaper method of counter acting the effects of the virus such as for example Hydroxychloroquine which has been around for almost a century and has been proven effective against SARs Cov 1 of which SARs Cov 2 AKA Covid 19 is a close relative?

The reason is obvious for anyone who bothers to look and that is because there isn’t money to be made in actually curing Covid 19 with some antiviral medication or by using a nebulizer both which have been proven to work but in producing a costly “vaccine” that according to vaccination guru Bill Gates who holds no medical degree yet feels compelled to give medical advice in many cases contrary to those who actually do who in many cases also hold PHDs in virology and immunology.

Before going on about Bill Gates who seems to be the Mussolini or maybe the Hitler of the rising medical reich let’s look at the Corporations and Governments that have fallen in line with this corporatist or fascist tyranny such as Google, Facebook and Twitter who have basically outlawed free speech that conflicts with the pseudo-“scientific” orthodoxy.

Much like those of us who questioned the veracity of the so called National Commission on Terrorism in the United States and the two reports issued by FEMA and NIST that for some reason omitted the strange unexplained free fall collapse of the Solomon Building or Building Seven. Those who question the efficaciousness and safety of vaccines are as I mentioned earlier quarantined or in many cases banished from the internet. This is understandable since the first target of a fascist regime is free and independent thought of any kind which unsurprisingly is treated like a disease of the “body politic”.

A common philosophy of totalitarian regimes is that instead of treating individuals as individuals they are lumped together in a mass i.e. “the masses” or a collective political body in which independent thought, speech or action is considered a “deadly virus” or “disease” that the overall public has to be “inoculated” or “vaccinated” against ostensibly for the “common good”.

Actually in reality the “vaccine” or “inoculation” in many cases is worse than the “disease” or ” deadly virus” itself . In fact many of the viruses that are currently causing epidemics are vaccine strains of viruses that had almost been eradicated by natural herd or common immunity. There is also much evidence to suggest that Covid 19 is a synthetic or chimeric virus that escaped from BSL 3 (Bio-Safety Level Three) Laboratory in Wuhan China.

In other words a genetically modified organism or GMO much like the “vaccine” proposed to counter it. Supposedly more are on there way according to Bill Gates even deadlier than Covid 19 that allegedly will be released by “terrorists” probably the same ones involved in 9/11 which includes those who are currently financing terrorism under the faux rubric of “Social Justice” right now that the corporate media ludicrously calls “mostly peaceful protests” which are about as “peaceful” as Covid 19 is “deadly” unless one has a preexisting condition or comorbidity factors.

Even more ironic are those tools of the establishment such as ANTIFA and BLM who are totally funded by the establishment they say they are allegedly “protesting” or more accurately looting and rioting against.

But then like in the case of 9/11 it is all about perception and how they are perceived by the corporate media, various corporations, “charities” and “representatives” who long since should have been arrested for treason and insurrection like the “protesters” or more accurately militant fifth column they currently support.

“Diversity” and the Neoliberal Gentrified “Utopia”


I was watching an interesting video in the Gray Zone today featuring an interview with the e-mags editor and chief Max Blumenthal which one can watch right here about a recent letter published in the Harper’s Magazine calling for open debate and an end to “cancel culture” by a number of prominent liberals, what Max calls “hyper liberals”, a term that seems synonymous to neoliberal and neocons calling out their blatant hypocrisy.

All I can say is bravo and many kudos to Max!

One topic he brought up was “diversity” and “gentrification” two topics that were touched on but were never fully explored probably because it was a digression from the main topic which is the hypocrisy of the so called “left” and what passes for the “right” these days. Two divisions that over time have become political meaningless with the fact that many on the so called “left” are fervent warmongers and for the most part Imperialists who support the deep state establishments agenda of endless wars for “Manifest Destiny” which is covered in Richard Drinnon’s excellent book Facing West.

Something that is actually a racist agenda covered up by a token support for Black Lives Matters and other pseudo-“antiracist” organizations by big corp and big tech both who use slave labor to make their products.

The hypocrisy is almost palpable and odious as Max points out but not exactly in those words. What I personally want to touch on in this article today is the two subjects that received honorable mention and that is “diversity” and gentrification which are mutually exclusive almost to the point of being exact opposites or dialectic. The latter a neologism stolen from Marxism but like dichotomy seems appropriate.

Anyone who wants to see how diverse gentrification really is go to San Francisco or any gentrified section of any large city or town and observe the “diversity” of these corporate ghettos which mostly consist of white upwardly mobile upper class middle management corporate drones and computer techies making six figure incomes. The multi racially and culturally diverse population have pretty much been kicked to the curb or are pushed out onto the streets because of the rise in or more accurately inflated housing and property values. This why I placed quotation marks around diversity. Actually what they really mean is assimilation like the borg in the Startrek the Next Generation and becoming part of the “melting part” obviously. Like much of what I’ll call the neo-left so as to distinguish it from the new left which was mainly libertarian as in “do you’re own thing” and mostly antiwar was eventually coopted by the CIA and the establishment into what we see as the baby bombers of today who seem to have no problem with “humanitarian bombing” some foreign developing nation under the Wilsonian banner of bringing “freedom and democracy” to the world carrying Rudyard Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden” where Teddy Roosevelt left off.

Both men like “Rule Britannia” Kipling were imperial racists basically flying the same colors whether it be “Happy Jack” or “Old Glory” who believed they were the direct heirs of the Anglo-Saxon Empire much like the corporatists which is just nice way of saying fascists who fund Black Lives Matter and other “racial justice” causes hoping that people will ignore or at least overlook their blatant exploitation and theft of many Indigenous populations resources including right here at home in the Good Ol’ USA and the Americas in general.

One recent example is the protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline slithering its way like a snake through disputed Sioux Territory but there are many other examples. Another one could explain inordinate number of deaths on both the Navajo and Apache Reservations claimed to be due to “Covid 19” compared to the general population ,with the exception of New York which seems more and more like premeditated mass murder of the elderly in that state, could be because of the radiation leaking out of hundreds of uncapped Uranium mines.

Further south in Brazil and Bolivia where the popular Indigenous government was recently overthrown by a racist coup it seems Covid 19 mostly only infects those natives concentrated near the Amazon and other areas considered ripe for exploration by greedy corporatists. Funny how that goes?

In Africa thanks to globalist efforts by major banks to “reset” the economy on behalf of their corporate depositors it isn’t some mysterious phantom illness that is killing people but famine and starvation in the millions.

Nations that happen to be rich in resources that have been and are being raped and pillaged by their Imperial Colonial Corporate overlords much like the old days of Empire when the East India Company ruled.

North of Africa is Afghanistan .The bone yard of empires and hopefully of the current corporate empire where it seems no less than the New York Times is reporting on a new band of “merciless Indian savages” who according to them based on total fabrications that instead of the British that the natives have been urged on by the evil Russians thus undermining the Presidents efforts to end the endless war that began almost two decades ago based on the mythology of “9/11”. Nothing mentioned about the fact that avaricious corporations are lining up to steal the rare earth minerals buried under the soil there.

Again much like the canard about Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq it seems this putrified duck soup is being swallowed by the American public as if they never learn. It doesn’t matter twice, thrice or even more bitten they seem never shy to extend American power as long as its not displayed at home by calling the Military in to suppress an obvious insurrection that has about looting and burning the inner city destroying, the lives and property of the minorities living there which more likely is being eyed by real estate “developers” whom I consider more destructive than a thermonuclear weapon for gentrification.

…and then there was “Covid 19”


There I was busily writing a book about 9/11 probably the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public until “Covid 19” came along.

Anyone who has done any honest research on the subject of “9/11” which has pretty much become a hypnotic meme much like “Covid 19” is turning out to be. “19” being the year this mysterious virus was “discovered” then again it could be the year it was “created” like “9/11” which was a false flag event to end all false flag events until “Covid 19” came along.

“False Flag” by the way is a legitimate term and not restricted to us “conspiracy theorists”, which is actually a pejorative created by the CIA to discourage any honest investigation of the Kennedy Assassination for obvious reasons if one knows the background of the dirty deed, but is actually a naval term to designate a ship falsely flying a flag of another nation in order to lure an unsuspecting ship into a position where it can easily be attacked and sunk or boarded. Usually the latter since it was a common practice of pirates, buccaneers and privateers. Many like ISIS for example found to be supported by covert intelligence agencies who in many cases were “rogue elephants” who were in fact working for corporate interests under the cover of “National Security”. What the late Colonel Fletcher Prouty called “Capitalism’s Invisible Army” just a more recent front or cut out to corporate global interests and before its creation under the National Security Act there was the War Department that under the same act was placed under the almost Orwellian rubric of the “Defense” Department one year before George Orwell wrote his immortal classic that most Governments under “Covid 19” seem to be using as an instruction manual.

Anyway it is pretty obvious to anybody who bothers to look that the US Military and its covert action arm the CIA have nothing to do with the Constitutional duty of providing a “common defense”. In fact it is questionable whether it had that assigned duty in the beginning when it was rapidly established by the Continental Congress when the first “shot that was heard around the world” was fired in Lexington Massachusetts over a year before they signed the Declaration of Independence.

A document declaring “all men equal” but making some more equal than others it seems. Referring to the Indigenous population who’s land was being stolen by force of arms and had the temerity to fight back as “Merciless Indian Savages” were actually urged on by the British. A claim just as phantasmagorical and ridiculous as the New York Times and the Washington Post claiming that the Afghans need any incentive or bounty from the Russians to kill the invading American force currently occupying Afghanistan!

Even so the Declaration of Independence despite its duplicity did establish the reason for Government and that was to ensure the “Life, Liberty and Happiness” and that Governments only exist by the consent of the governed. Something it seems the Iroquois Nation had already established under their Great Law of Peace.

But back to Afghanistan. America’s longest war started on the pretense known as “9/11”. Why are we still there? Especially since according to the President, his administration, congress and the Mainstream Media we are allegedly fighting this invisible enemy “Covid 19”. One of the few things they agree on yet it seems the media supported by a congressional representative who makes Joe McCarthy seem like a paragon of veracity, along with some anonymous sources who could probably no more than voices in some reporters head have concocted this ridiculous fabrication about those evil Rooskies paying bounties for US Troops as if the Afghanis need an incentive just when the President was trying to end the endless conflict.

As if we need to be fighting “terrorism” abroad when we have terrorists here in the good ol’ US shouting “no border, no wall, no USA at all” killing citizens and destroying property while the nation has been “locked down” because of a “deadly virus” or so we’re told unless one is doing the above things while also showing shoulder to shoulder support for “Black Lives Matter” than one has gained some kind of magical immunity according to “health professionals”. While those who protest the onerous, lock downs, “social distancing” and cumbersome mandated “face masks” haven’t for some reason.

Yet this is no surprise since as far as this writer is concerned “science” or more accurately what calls itself “science” and “authority” these days since September 11th 2001 has taken a great leap backwards to the Middle Ages.

For instance tall steel superstructures have never collapsed due to fire in the history of architecture and structural engineering but somehow the terrorists on “9/11” scored a magical trifecta with a couple of hijacked 767s and a little jet fuel. Anybody who believes that. There’s a bridge a few blocks from where the WTC once stood that I’d like to sell you. Bargain price.

What a magical world we live in these days! Tall steel buildings impossibly collapsing due to fire and protesters immune to a “deadly virus” as long as their protest is considered politically correct by certain “health professionals”!

So what is really going on?

Well it seems that the American public was sold another Brooklyn Bridge known as the Covid 19. A scam that is even more intricate than 9/11 that is directed toward overthrowing the American Republic.

As I’ve written earlier. It has flaws because it is not perfect but its the only thing we’ve got built on law that doesn’t just the majority but minorities as well when the laws are properly applied to all.

What these yahoos that are trying to tear it down is tyranny of the mob. This should be obvious. The enemy is within. Time to call home the troops and fight the war at home.

Covid Craziness

This isn’t going to be one of those polished articles done in the Chicago Journalistic Method but what could be called technically a rant against locking down as in placing a large portion of the World’s population in house arrest known euphemistically as “sheltering in place” and forcing those who do venture out to wear a restrictive mask which is of questionable benefit.

Yogi Berra once said this is “deja vu all over again” as it takes me back to the early nineties when those of us who rode motorcycles in the state of California protested against a mandatory motorcycle helmet law being imposed on adult motorcyclists.

Back than I thought this was only the beginning and sure enough they not only passed a mandatory prophylactic law for motorcycle riders but bicyclists, skate borders, equestrians etc.

Followed by various smoking bans to protect people from the “dangers” of “second hand smoke” which we were told with a straight face was actually somehow more deadly than actually inhaling cigarette smoke directly.

A ridiculous proposition that was accepted on faith by many so called health “professionals” or as I call them Nazis which isn’t that far from the historical truth since Hitler himself was a big proponent of smoking bans in Nazi Germany because he considered smoking “the Red Man’s curse”.

No racism there folks so let’s move along to Bill Clinton and his famous “Anti-crime” bill that made possession of crack cocaine a felony mostly enjoyed by black folks while leaving white refined cocaine only a misdemeanor which due to its excessive cost was reserved for upwardly mobile yuppies of a pale complexion.

Funny how that goes.

Anyway back to Covid 19 the new name for a corona virus that has never been purified and isolated but we are told is “extremely deadly” so deadly in fact that health Nazis have recommended that we shut down the economy and quarantine the whole population much like they did back in the middle ages for the Black Plague that ravaged Europe killing up to sixty percent of the population.

Of course along with advances in sanitation, refrigeration and the discovery of various antivirals like Quinine and antibiotics such as Penicillin plus only isolating or quarantining those who were actually ill plagues since haven’t been all that ravaging.

Yet these advances in medicine and health have been defenestrated by the the Medusas’ cult in favor of locking everybody down and wearing masks,something also done back in medieval times as well, while waiting for some magical vaccine that will save us all.

Covid 19

There is a dispute far in the outer reaches of alternative media which is currently being censored by Big Tech days as an auto de fa in favor of the “authorities” in the World Health Organization who it seems have replaced the Church in Rome.

The controversy beyond the reaches of Google, Facebook and Twitter, who could also be known as the “Cardinals of the Internet” in propagating the faith, is that Covid 19 is either a hoax or a carefully contrived bioweapon.

As far as the former goes. There seems to be a virus that has gotten loose and regarding the latter “being a bioweapon “carefully contrived” is the last thing that comes to mind. In the first case. Just because the publicly available papers indicate the virus hasn’t been purified and isolated isn’t proof positive that it doesn’t exist since its existence may be classified at the highest levels especially if it was a bioweapon or which brings us to another proposition appearing in the rarified ether of cyberspace and that it was an attempt to develop a specific vaccine for a bioweapon that they planned to actually release that may have been ejaculated prematurely by the “powers that be” who many have assigned god like, omnipotent and omnipresent “power to be” but for the most part are a bunch of money grubbing, greedy incompetent morons due to inbreeding that just know how to game the system because their previous kin were the ones involved in its creation and control.

Some also call it the “hidden hand” but if one looks hard enough aren’t all that “hidden”. One doesn’t have to look farther here in America than the Federal Reserve which like Federal Express is a private corporation involved in a massive counterfeiting operation in direct violation of Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution right before our eyes who never had the good sense to get an Constitutional amendment passed yet arrogantly commit their crime out in the open.

Not really that smart but neither are the Politicians who “take a knee” to this financial dictatorship beginning with Peckerwood Wilson who just happened to be a big fan of the KKK which many including this writer believe is the actual antecedent to AntiFa.

Some may think I’ve digressed but the fact is that the Federal Reserve and other International Banks which just happen to be controlled by the same elitist morons are using Covid 19 as a reason to “reset” the economy world wide and bring about a cashless society for a virus that if it does exist is to most people isn’t any worse than the common cold.

The fact is one doesn’t have to be smart if one has total control over finances since as they say “money talks” and that almost “everybody has a price” and those who don’t can be easily eliminated by those who do. Thus they can count on the greed and avarice of their minions to carry out their objective of total control which includes many corporations as well as governments who if anybody hasn’t noticed are moving toward a corporatist state which is just another word for fascism using Covid 19 as their vehicle.

The problem instead of Maserati they ended up with a Model T that started up by itself and is now taking everybody for a ride including them since the wheels are coming off this rattle trap contraption which is also falling apart because it is held together with nothing but binder twin, bailing wire and duct tape. Going with the temptation to mix metaphors here they are like those suicidal Kamikaze pilot who called themselves the “divine wind”. Actually it’s more like “breaking wind” especially when one has to listen to someone like Bill Gates pontificate and harangue us that we’ll need a vaccine before we can get back to “normal”.

One wonders who died and made him emperor of the world? This clown can’t even keep viruses from infecting his crappy Operating System that he managed to get installed on most computers in the world because mommy knew the boss of IBM is telling us that he’ll have a magic vaccine that’ll make us safe from the not so deadly unless one has co-morbidities. Why do people take him seriously?

I hate to be a Kill Bill joy but to answer my rhetorically posed “question”.The reason is because he has lots of money like JD Rockefeller and other Robber Barons of that Gilded Age when America sold its soul.

Of course America had been for sale for a long time. All one has to do is read Helen Hunt Jackson’s A Century of Dishonor on how the US violated every treaty made with the First Americans who suffered an even more devastating plague than the ones in Europe. Unintentional in the beginning when the literally unwashed masses arrived from Europe who hadn’t taken a bath since defeating the Romans importing various diseases such as small pox and more appropriately swine flue.

Many died, some say upwards of over ninety percent from what historians call a “virgin soil” epidemic but if anybody noticed that after the rape of America the chances of finding virgin soil in the world these days due corporate exploitation is like finding a virgin in a whore house.

Small Pox if anyone has noticed has pretty much died out. From what I understand only a small sample exists at Fort Detrick for study we are told. Swine Flue makes its occasional reappearance but is less deadly than the original strains. Polio, along with measles and rubella and other former killers had almost been wiped out or at least exist in strains that are less fatal than their earlier incarnations since pretty much all races have acquired herd, community or population immunity. Even the bubonic or black plague has pretty become a historical relic which brings me back to killer Bill Gates who wants to “vaccinate” the entire world’s population against a disease that so far even with padded and fudged statistics is proving to be less deadly than a common flue.

Killer Bill the Vaccine King

Vedanta Shiva compares Bill Gates to Christopher Columbus and not in a good way. She an Indian from India sees him like the American Indian sees him as a disease ridden genocidal maniac who enslaved those he didn’t kill with the deadly diseases he and his filthy unkempt crew exported from Europe or by actual genocide against the now weakened population who when he ran out of indigenous slaves imported them from Africa long before the magical year of 1619 that morons at the New York Times claim was when slavery was brought over to America.

Actually it was already here since it was pretty much a world wide phenomenon that involved African slave traders as well, especially those who wearing the Kente cloth that those idiotic Democrats wore to show their solidarity with Black Lives Matter who it seems want to turn all whites and possibly other races as well into slaves by “taking a knee” or groveling on their bellies in contrition to their racial supremacy and whose twisted concept of “racism” includes killing anyone who has the temerity to suggest that all lives matter but I digress. More on this racialist phenomenon posing as a group concerned about racial justice while accepting the filthy lucre of actual corporate slave holders in another post but back to Christopher Gates or maybe Bill Columbus who wants to “vaccinate” the world probably much like Lord Jeffrey Amherst wanted to “inoculate” the Indians with small pox.

Probably the earliest incident of intentional Biological Warfare ever perpetrated on this continent.

Anyone can read about it here.  One of the few links I’ve included in my rant along with this one exposing Bill Gates and his vaccine claque for the criminals they really are much like Amherst and later the Nazis who if the Nuremberg Tribunal existed then or now would be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity.

I could go on about killer Bill’s connections to population control FKA Eugenics who gave Hitler the idea on how to justify committing mass murder and genocide and even more ironically is one of the biggest funders of Black Lives Matter next to inveterate Nazi Collaborator George Soros.

Even more telling is that according to his lovely wife Melinda, who can’t seem to tell the top from the bottom of a crucifix for some strange reason, first targets of opportunity for their “vaccines” are blacks and Native American.

I can just see Lord Amherst rubbing his hands in glee from his special place in hell if such a place exists. It would the perfect place for Columbus, Amherst, the Gates and their compromised medical minions pushing for dangerous vaccines that would probably kill more people than Covid 19 ever has.

American Mythology

All nations have their myths or what can be considered a cosmology. America is no different except that it is more insidious and has been embraced as a religious belief that many believe is secular in nature since allegedly the “founders” believed in the “separation of Church and State”. Something that can be proven as a complete fallacy in Steven Newcomb’s excellent book Pagans in the Promised Land cited in my previous article.

Another book that shatters the national religion of “American Greatness” and that the nation is a “force for good in the world” is American Exceptionalism and American Innocence by Roberto Sirvent and Danny Haiphong.

Two books I’ll be reviewing along with several others that shatter the creation myth of America. One in particular that is alluded to in the above books is the one that we live in the “New World”. Actually the truth is that what is called America or Turtle Island by many of its indigenous residents is actually a very old world. One that saw the rise and fall of civilizations at least as old if not older than the Babylonians and Egyptians.

This fact is well documented in Charles Mann’s 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus.

Recently the current President rightly caused world wide outrage and received well justified opprobrium when he proposed destroying various religious and cultural sites in Iran which in ancient times known as Persia. Yet this is exactly what the US Government has been doing with indigenous religious and cultural sites here in America with the help of their corporate cronies pretty much since its inception.

Even worse they have defaced the sacred Black Hills of the Sioux with the monument to the four Indian Haters Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt! Yet the politically correct crowd that demands that every Civil War heroes statue be torn down has never once mentioned this desecration of a religious site.

Probably because the hagiography and iconography associated with Abraham Lincoln the man who allegedly “freed the slaves” and “saved the Union”.

Actually the indigenous author Mark Charles of Unsettling Truths has a few choice words to say about Lincoln’s legacy. How he ethically cleansed Minnesota of the Dakota, was responsible for the Sand Creek Massacre and the genocidal march of the Dine’ also known as the Navaho away from their homelands and into a stockade and prison under Kit Carson.

Greater detail of these shameful incidents are covered in his book and others that I’ll be reviewing  in the near future such as David Stannard’s American Holocaust and Richard Drinnon’s Facing West; The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating & Empire Building . The title in the latter derived from Herman Melville’s book the Confidence Man. An insightful book that never got the recognition it deserved when compared to his classic novel Moby Dick.

There are also other reasons to question Lincoln’s legacy mentioned in other histories that accurately tell actual history instead of portraying Lincoln as some kind of savior and messiah. Some of these truths escape from the most unexpected places such as in the Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. One memorable scene in particular is the bombardment of the city of New York by American Naval canons.

Was the evil Confederacy able to launch such a devastating attack? No. The truth is the Union’s Navy under Lincoln’s orders fired on the city because the residents protested against being conscripted for a war they had no interest in fighting.

One can say the “Great Emancipator” bombed his own people because they rejected another form of slavery known as conscription which dissipates the even greater myth that the Civil War was fought over slavery. Actually as many wars its basis was purely economic as Paul Craig Roberts points out in article How We Know The So-Called “Civil War” Was Not Over Slavery.


Slavery for Everybody 

Again as Mark Charles and Soong-Chan Rah point out in Unsettling Truths, The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery amongst others slavery continued after the Civil War under the disingenuous Thirteenth Amendment which says:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” (emphasis mine)

It doesn’t even say what a person has to be convicted of for this exception to kick in. For instance there are prisoners who have been convicted for such heinous “crimes” as possession of marijuana or for stealing a loaf of bread like Jean Val Jean in Victor Hugo’s classic Les Miserable which has been subverted into a musical thus losing much of its social intensity intended by the author or some other minor offense that has been intensified to “felonies” under various draconian “three strikes and your out” laws popular in so called “Law and Order” states such as the bastion of liberalism, California.

Also in many cases the person doesn’t even have to be convicted to be subjected to hard labor or more accurately corporate slavery while serving in County jail awaiting trial because he or she couldn’t afford bail.

I say “corporate slavery” because under that great progressive liberal President William Jefferson Clinton who’s darling wife referred to black youth as “super predators” turned many prisons over to the tender mercies of profit motivated corporations.  Regressing or one could say progressing the prison system back to the days of Charles Dickens and debt prisons.

Slavery by any other name is still slavery to paraphrase Shakespeare.

Yet the myth that slavery was abolished after the Civil War and was the reason why it was fought is one of those endearing enduring myths that has been embraced by the American public at large despite all contrary evidence.

Just as the one that America was some “untamed wilderness” before the Pilgrims arrived and found nothing but “savage Indians” something that can be proven by archeological evidence and historical records to be absolutely false.


So Who Were the Real Savages?

Strange that the historical records are sparse on the alleged “savage” attacks by various Indian nations on the settler colonialists but replete with the settlers and the army’s own savagery against the various Indian nations. Even their own accounts show how they rejoiced in their savage total war against the indigenous population culminating with Wounded Knee.

Again I refer to the above books especially Stannard’s American Holocaust and Drinnon’s Facing West. Especially the latter because Drinnon shows how the savagery continues even today under the guise of bringing “freedom and democracy” and acting as a “force for good” throughout the world.

More dangerous myths.


America’s Lost War

I was reading an otherwise excellent book the other day actually with only minor flaw that I took up with one of the authors personally in a letter but it amounted to the premise that America has never lost a war and that’s what makes it dangerous.

My contention with the authors whom I both respect is that America has only given the impression that it has not lost a war which is a false image really. One perpetrated by the US Government itself particularly the Military to give other nations the aura of invincibility but in reality is not true.

For instance there have been various wars fought here with the Indigenous population that US Government lost that were ended by treaty. Two that immediately come to mind are the ones fought against Red Cloud and the Sioux and Cochise’s Chiricahua Apache where the Government sued for peace. Of course they violated the treaties made afterward but that’s another story.

Another one was the two Seminole wars fought neither ended with the Seminole surrendering to the US.

Internationally after the US defeated the Spanish in the Spanish American war and assumed control of the Philippines the Huks continued to fight and resist US occupation. Much the same as the Cubans did until they eventually gained their independence.

Then of course there is Vietnam, what would be considered a ignoble defeat much like Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia. One that caused what George HW Bush called the “Vietnam Syndrome” in other words a more circumspect and more noninterventionist foreign policy. Not to fear though Bush would kick that “Vietnam syndrome in the butt” and get the US involved in a endless war in Iraq that has gone through its sequel already with his scion at the Nation’s helm and is now heading for another engagement with the Iraqi Government demanding that the US forces leave post haste.

This on top of  the on going war that is now going into its second decade in the famous “boneyard of Empires” Afghanistan. One like Vietnam the brass has continued to give rosy estimates about but isn’t anywhere nearer to being won than when it first started.

The irony of the current low intensity war in Iraq is that it has continued almost as long after Bush jr. declared “Mission Accomplished” within the first two weeks. Yet if one looks at the US Casualty numbers never mind the number of Iraqis killed they actually increased after Bush declared victory!

So it is not necessarily true that the US has won every war it has fought. Not admitting defeat is not winning. It’s being deluded. Yet worse than being deluded about actually losing is claiming nonexistent “victories”. As in the case just mentioned with Iraq and in the more egregious case such as World War II.

America still claims that it defeated Nazi Germany while embracing much of its political philosophy by the way in regard to corporatism but I digress. The truth is that it was actually Russia then the Soviet Union that actually defeated Hitler’s Germany in what they call the Great Patriotic War at the decisive Battle of Stalingrad which basically destroyed the Germany’s Wehrmacht as a fighting force.

So the idea that America is invincible is also dangerous propaganda.

In this case the authors were trying to make the point that the victors write history which is true to an extent but there is another factor and that America has one of the most efficient propaganda engines in the world as well as a sales force that as the old saying goes could sell ice-cream to eskimos or the idea that America is the most “exceptional” nation on earth. One that is a “force for good”. One that win or lose makes America seem to come out on top. Thanks mainly to Edward Bernays the nephew of Sigmund Freud who was a master of the relatively new art of Public Relations who was able to make warmongering racist autocrats like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson seem like real people.

Then of course there is or was Hollywood as well that helped in what is now called perception management. Making movies that justified the genocide of the indigenous population with such gems as “How the West was Won” and others portraying the Indians as “savages” and the “settlers” as victims of their “savagery” when historically the opposite was true.

The fact is even without the help of Eddie Bernays, Madison Avenue and Hollywood America always has had to portray itself as something different than it was. Such was the case with the War of “Independence”. The fact is that the revolution was well underway with fighting at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill before the so called “founders” wrote that deceptive document that stated “All men are created equal” yet in Orwellian Animal Farm style didn’t mention the fact that they considered some to be more equal than others and while claiming to be a secular Republic where Church and State were allegedly separated  was in fact a Judaeo Christian theocracy that believed that it was in fact the New Israel which in reality was an extension British Israelism which has come to known as the Anglo-American Empire.

This is evident in the fact the the Supreme Court of this alleged “secular” Republic still upholds the racist religious Doctrine of Discovery that has not only used to abrogate treaties between the various Indian Nations in many case in direct violation of their own Constitution but has also given the justification for running amok and rampant around the world spreading “freedom and democracy” that is anything but.

So one can say that America has won and lost many wars but the biggest one was the War of Independence.


I totally with Chuck’s assessment here. Nothing more to add except that what we are seeing is the end of US Imperialism.


John Chuckman



“Iran abandons nuclear deal limits as thousands mourn general killed by U.S.”


My total sympathy is with this ancient society, one of earth’s great cradles of civilization much like China or Egypt, and a modern country which has started no wars. They are a lovely people, but they have suffered a great deal from outside interference.

Since the Revolution of 1979, ending the Shah’s government, the United States has engaged in 40 years of pure hatred against Iran, and it has taken many ugly actions along the way, including encouraging and supplying Saddam Hussein’s Iraq during the terrible long war (1980-88) inflicted upon Iran.

About a million died, including thousands from the poison gas Iraq used heavily, know-how and components having been supplied from either the United States or one of its European allies. The ruthless…

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Veterans of the Deepstate Today

I started this blog sometime back as the echoic title of this blog suggests is basically a practice in free form writing about something that doesn’t fit into any particular category or to discuss a variety of topics without fully exploring them. Mostly just to let off steam or the use the more commonly used word these days to vent.

Actually for some time of been “venting” in the comments section of various alternative media publications which has pretty much been a waste of time especially on Veterans Today which might as well change its name to Common Cause since it seems to have totally gone in the tank with the Democrats and this travesty and circus that has been called an “impeachment” that is deceptively being done to cover up their chosen candidate’s crimes and corruption.

This should be evident to anyone who has an IQ higher than room temperature but obviously has eluded the senior editorial of Veterans Today who according to Gordon Duff support the effort which anyone can see is based on nothing but lies and obfuscations.

Worse the so called articles of impeachment support the illusion that Ukraine is an ally. One ridiculously involved in fighting Russia so “we” don’t have to.

Like that old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto being surrounded by hostile Indians. The Ranger turns to Tonto and says “Looks like we’re surrounded.” Tonto’s classic reply is “What do you mean by “we” white man?”

Supposedly according to Schiff’s star chamber Trump threatened to withhold funding from Zelensky the Ukrainian President if he didn’t reopen the investigation of corruption into a company known as Burista that has Hunter Biden on its board of directors who just happens to be son of Joseph Biden the Presidential Candidate mentioned earlier.

Of course there is no actual tangible evidence that Trump made such threat nor carried it out. Since no investigation of Burista’s corrupt activities was continued and Ukraine received funding. So where’s the beef?

The fact that Trump never received no quid pro quo should prove to anyone other than a complete moron that there wasn’t any abuse of power. The fact is that even it was intended or implied it never happened.

Trump may have less than happy to have released the funds but he released them anyway. Yet it seems that he wasn’t enthusiastic enough by their lights to support an “ally” in need. One that aligns itself with the terrorist state of Israel by the way.

So for the last several months while Americans are starving in the streets, as the infrastructure crumbles and a large percentage of Americans can’t afford healthcare, never mind a home. “Our” representatives in congress have been trying to pin what amounts to a thought crime on the duly elected president.

Rubbing ironic salt on the gaping wound irony here they also charged him with “obstructing justice” by refusing to cooperate with the “committee” or more accurately inquisition . Something like charging a condemned man with “obstructing justice” by refusing to help construct his own gallows.

Yet this abuse of the Constitution and travesty of justice seems to be totally fine with the senior staff over at Veterans Today. In fact Gordon Duff seems to be it’s biggest cheerleader. A man who thinks that Mena was only an airport in Arkansas and that the Clintons never did anything wrong and that anyone who questions his divine wisdom must be an “Israeli Troll”.

A conclusion that is almost as ridiculous as this hoax they call an “impeachment’.

Maybe should call themselves Veterans of the Deepstate.